Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Catch 22

Teaching is all about understanding the concept and making it easier to understand for the children and doing what is expected from them.If practiced by a young teacher for at least five years with a positive intention ,the teacher reaches into the philosophical base of teaching the subject,and gets into a higher level of making it easier.
BUT during the evolving years the teacher should be motivated towards self motivation.This can surely become contagious.

Every Parent needs a good teacher,but no one like this profession as a career for their children.Till now majority of our teaching fraternity live with a low self esteem and don't want to create teachers.

It's a 'catch 22' situation.We want good teachers,but good students are motivated by everyone to opt for other lucrative careers.
What we are doing is spoiling the system with more mediocre teachers,leading to below average learning outcomes.A vicious cycle started....will continue...worsening the system,until there is systemic therapy.A REVOLUTION in education and thinking, not REFORMS and patch work solutions.
Education and employment are two different things.British left this 'education for employment' legacy...so strong ,it is still active and working fine. 👍 think teaching ,teach thinking ! 😀it is FUN,when we make it SERIOUS ,all the essence of learning breaks down.
Watch how easily kids learn a language and mobile usage ,Its time we relearn about teaching.We actually KILL learning to give life to earning. ...subbiah 17.

Prime Instinct.

Primitive or Primal Instincts:
Dogs swirl around before settling down for a sleep.This is what it use to do in the wild,to cleanup the napping space.Now even in the 4th floor it is doing it before sleep.The Primal instincts and basic instincts are the cause of many good as well as bad things happening in our body and around the society.Any social deviation,that is acting against the decided norms can be morally -legally wrong.We learn or taught to control those primal instincts which is not good for social living.But a minority still unable to come out of it.Internal and external actions are controlled by these Primal BASE instincts.
Goose bumps are one good example of this.It raises the hair to show up ... the body BIG ..when threatened ,like porcupines .It also raises temperature of the body.Excited brain and cold can cause this.We learned to hide this and protect us by the invention of clothing.

Matter is, we all have inside the hidden,dormant primitive instincts,habits engrained in our genes,which may reappear suddenly.Social living,Religion,law,morality created an interdependent and a polished way of living.Most of the evils are because of the recurrence of the ancestral genetic pop-ups ,after generations of silence in the sequence.Atavistic 'hadbadi mey gadbadi' .This is natural, and will sustain Judiciary and Police agency for years to come.Otherwise again jungleRaj. 

Saturday, January 28, 2017


We get categorized into different kinds of existence, a boy/girl,a community,a particular language speaking, belonging to a region,doing a particular job etc.
The endless categories on a HUMAN.Let us all live like normal humans.Come out of your prisons made by your family and the society from where you come.If you compartmentalized ourselves into believing this,then how you are going to enjoy the FREEDOM as a Human.We chained ourselves with the help of our beloved people around us.REAL people are beyond GENDER CASTE RELIGION COMMUNITY KNOWLEDGE HABIT WEALTH biased.Abnormally you will see something wrong in them,because of their SANITY !
It is difficult to understand a person who have CLARITY in his thinking.Inside the box it is DARK.COME OUT feel the breeze,breath the FREEDOM.No mortal can teach you about how to live and lead a LIFE.
Father forgive them ! those mortal morons !

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Pawan Kr.Chamling become the First Chief Minister to win for the fifth term,breaking the record of Jyoti Basu.Chamling thanked the people for their Unconditional support.Today he will take oath as CM at Raj Bhawan. courtesy: AIR News-Delhi 8 AM